Financial Information

Our goal is to provide all of our patients with the highest quality surgical care possible. We ask for payment in full on the day of surgery. If you carry insurance we ask for a partial payment of the full fee. The portion due is shown on your estimate of charges that were reviewed with you on the day of your consultation. We would appreciate you contacting our office at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment if you need to make special financial arrangements.


We are happy to help you by billing your insurance for you. The portion of your balance that we are asking you to pay on the day of your surgery is a percentage of your total balance, and in no way reflects an estimated amount that your insurance will cover. You are responsible for payment in full of any balance remaining after your insurance has been paid.

We require payment in full of your remaining balance while you are in negotiation with your insurance company. If they pay an additional amount we will send a refund check to you the day the additional payment is received.

To learn more about the insurance process, as well as what plans we take, visit our Insurance section.


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